YEAR 2019-2020:

Mon 12.8.2019 – Sat 14.12.2019 (18 weeks)

  • No autumn vacation (14.10.2019-20.10.2019). Normal classes.
  • Sunday Weekend Fri & Sat 1st – 2nd November, 2019 no classes = It’s All In Jazz -event in Sampola.
    Friday’s classes allowance:
    -To be agreed separately with the students.
    Saturday’s classes allowance:
    -Children´s dance 3-4- and 5-6 years pupils have a “common danceday” on Saturday 26.10. 10-11: 30 (1.5h).
    -Children’s Jazz 1 and 2 pupils have a joint jazz day on Saturday 26.10. 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (2h). 
  • Open doors in November during week 47.
  • Independence Day 6.12. no classes. Students replace their classes by themselves.

SPRING SEMESTER (Classes will continue on June 2020! Replacements and new dates are informed by e-mail!)
Tue 7.1.2019 – Sat 23.5.2020 (19 weeks). + “Replacement days” on Monday and Tuesday 25.-26.5.2020 after the spring show.

  • “Loppiainen” 6.1.2020 no classes. Replaced on Monday 25.5.2020 after the spring show, according to the normal weekly schedule.
  • On Valentine’s Day no Dance Fysio -class. Replaced on Wednesday 27.5.2020 after the spring show at 5:30pm. 
  • Winter holiday (24.2.2020-1.3.2020), no classes. The ski holiday week is taken into account in billing during the study weeks.
  • “Pitkäperjantai” 10.4. no classes. Replaced on Tuesday 26.5.2020 after the spring show in accordance with the normal weekly schedule. 
  • “Lankalauantai” 11.4. no classes. Replaced by two extra Saturday practice sessions on the last two Saturdays of the spring season, as well as the spring show day in late May.
  • “2. Pääsiäispäivä” 13.4. no classes. For the spring show participants the classes will be replaced in the spring show exercises. Other students replace their classes by themselves. 
  • Open doors in April during week 17.
  • Labor Day Thursday 30.4. Teen jazz normally. Move & dance lyrical from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm (15min longer than normal) as jazz 4 students replace their evening hours on the move & dance class. Step 4/5 will be replaced during extra spring show exercises and on the spring show day.
  • Labor Day Fri 1.5. no hours. Students replace their classes by themselves.
  • Spring show on Saturday 23.5. @Hällä -näyttämö. 

During open week, relatives / friends, etc., can come to watch dance classes.

  • November week 47.
  • In April week 17.