YEAR 2019-2020:

Mon 12.8.2019 – Sat 14.12.2019 (18 weeks)

  • No autumn vacation (14.10.2019-20.10.2019). Normal classes.
  • Sunday Weekend Fri & Sat 1st – 2nd November, 2019 no classes = It’s All In Jazz -event in Sampola.
    Friday’s classes allowance:
    -To be agreed separately with the students.
    Saturday’s classes allowance:
    -Children´s dance 3-4- and 5-6 years pupils have a “common danceday” on Saturday 26.10. 10-11: 30 (1.5h).
    -Children’s Jazz 1 and 2 pupils have a joint jazz day on Saturday 26.10. 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (2h).
  • Open doors in November during week 47.
  • Independence Day 6.12. no classes. Students replace their classes by themselves.


  • Tue 7.1.2019 – Sat 23.5.2020 (19 weeks). + “Replacement days” on Monday and Tuesday 25.-26.5.2020 after the spring show.
  • Epiphany 6.1.2020 no classes. Replaced on Monday 25.5.2020 after the spring show, according to the schedule.
  • Winter holiday (24.2.2020-1.3.2020), no classes. The ski holiday week is taken into account in billing during the study weeks.
  • “Pitkäperjantai” 10.4. no classes. Replaced on Tuesday 26.5.2020 after the spring show in accordance with the timetable.
  • Sat Saturday 11.4. no hours. The classes will be replaced by two extra Saturday practice sessions on the last two Saturdays of the spring season, as well as the spring show day in late May.
  • 2nd Easter Day 13.4. no classes. For the spring show participants the classes will be replaced in the spring show exercises. Other students replace their classes by themselves. 
  • Open doors in April during week 17.
  • Labor Day Thursday 30.4. Teen jazz normally. Move & dance lyrical from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm (15min longer than normal) as jazz 4 students replace their evening hours on the move & dance class. Step 4/5 will be replaced during extra spring show exercises and on the spring show day.
  • Labor Day Fri 1.5. no hours. Students replace their classes by themselves.
  • Spring show on Saturday 23.5. @Hällä -näyttämö. 

During open week, relatives / friends, etc., can come to watch dance classes.

  • November week 47.
  • In April week 17.