The classes/levels change yearly, so all the classes listed below might not be available on the season 2021-2022.


“Basic” instructions for all the students:

  • Comfortable clothes that are suitable for warming up, moving, jumping, floor-work, stretching…
  • Jazzdance shoes or tap shoes
  • No socks or shoes on the modern/contemporary classes
  • Hair must be tied
  • Water bottle – it’s going to be sweaty! 🙂

Students, that are part of the basic art education and/or are attending the competitions/productions/shows:  

  • Black sleeveless leotard:
    Kids and teenagers: black simple cotton leotard, a tank-top model. The leotard is firm and supports the body well.
    Adults: black crossed-back cotton leotard, that has spaghetti-sleeves.
    ”Where can i buy my leotard?” : Ballerina & Liikunta at Hämeenkatu, on the “Tuulensuu” end. The students get a 10% discount from Ballerina & Liikunta, when they mention they’re dancing at Tanssistudio Marjo Terästö. The staff at Ballerina & Liikunta know which is the right leotard for your age. Ballerina & Liikunta -website
  • Black jazzpants
  • Black jazzshoes and/or tap shoes (depends on the class)

Children’s dance 3-4yrs & 5-6yrs:

Children learn how to act in a group. Children learn to know and control their own body.

Balance, posture, sense of rhythm and expressioning develope through dancing and playing. On the 5-6yrs class the student learns the first “basics” of dancing and the terms. Hair are tied and clothing should be suitable for moving and playing around. Student can wear for example shorts and a t-shirt or a dancing leotard. Remember to bring your water bottle

Kids jazz 1 & 2 (7-12yrs):

Level 1 = New students and/or students that have practiced for 1-2yrs.
The level is “checked” individually with every student.
Level 2 = multiple years of dancing behind and/or competition group -students.

Students get to know jazzdance’s basic technique. The class also contains stretching and body-weight rehearsing, coordination practices and fun dance choreographies. The bigger jumps and pirouettes are also getting known during the season. Hair should be tied, clothing should be suitable for moving (t-shirt, leotard, jahzpants…) and students should have jazzdance shoes.

Kids modern/contemporary (7-12yrs ja 10-12yrs):

Student learns the basic technique of dancing, bodycontrol, joy of dancing and expressioning. The class contains different kids of rollings/floor work, getting to know different ways of movement, using of space and of course improvising. Bare feet on this class.

Kids tap dance (7-12yrs) with bodydrumming:

Level 1 = New students and/or students with 1-2yrs of tapping behind
Level 2 = multiple years of tapping behind

On the class the student gets to know the basic steps. Balance and a sense of rhythm developes while practising simple steps and choreographies. The music used on the class is versatile and it welcomes the student to the different decades of tapping. The tapdance shoes (leather, with iron on heels and toes) make the sounds step out. When purchasing tap shoes, talk to Marjo first because there might be few shoes on sale at Tanssistudio.

Kids bodydrumming (7-12yrs) with tap-dance:

Level 1 = New students and/or students with 1-2yrs of bodyrumming/tapping behind
Level 2 = multiple years of bd/tapping behind

Fun class full of rhythm! On the class the students learn the basic technique and movement, history and style variations. Claps on body are combined with different steps. The sense of rhythm and coordination developes quickly and the atmosphere in the classes is laid back and positive. The class suits boys well! Bare feet on the class.

Kids Move & dance:

Speedy and inspiring class with good music! On the class students agility, coornidation, sense of rhythm and of course the basic technique developes quickly. Class is a very good class for the students that take saturday’s kids jazz classes.

Jazzdance beginners 1:

The class introduces you to the basic techniques of jazz dance. The class also includes stretching, muscle training, balance and coordination exercises, and also fun dance choreographies. Choreographies change monthly. In the beginners class, the student does not need to have more experience in the sport.

Jazzdance beginners / semi-beginners 1/2:

The lesson is based on the same technique-exercises and content as the beginners class, but the level of the class is a bit harder and more demanding. Choreographies change monthly. If the student has practiced the sport before or otherwise has been active in dance / similar exercise / gymnastics, whereby the body knowledge is already better controlled.


Class includes adult “dance enthusiasts” of all ages. The atmosphere in the classroom is wonderfully positive, relaxed and interactive. Exercising is motivated and focused. There is no age limit for the class and it invites a more mature dance enthusiast. Many mothers of dancing children, dancers who have danced in their early years and who have returned to sports / dancing friends who have given birth or are changing their general condition are dancing on this class. Big recommendation!

Jazzdance semi-beginners 3:

The lesson includes in-depth warm-up, rolls, pleats, jumps, deeper stretches, isolation and balance exercises, pirates, big jumps, and dance sessions. Basic technique in the class is already in place. Choreographies change monthly. In the semi-beginners class, the student must have been actively engaged in the sport for at least 2-3 years.

Jazzdance semi-advanced 4:

The lesson tends to be structured closer to the advanced jazz dance level. However, the series are worked more quietly and at a slower pace for an hour.

Jazzdance advanced 5:

The structure of the lesson is the same as that of the semi-advanced class. Rolls, pleats, basic techniques / pirouette / jump / dancechoreographies.
The chores that are made during the lesson are much more demanding and longer in technical terms. Choreographies change monthly. The advanced student must have been actively engaged in the sport for several years. New students come to this class through semi-advanced 4 class.


All stapdance classes include studying body rhythm & bodydrumming, regardless of step level.



Tap-dance beginners 1 & 1/2:

On the class the student will learn the basic steps and steps of tap-dance. Balance and sense of rhythm are developed through a variety of tap patterns and rhythm exercises. The music in the lesson is diverse and at the same time introduces the student to the different eras of the sport.

At level 1/2, new students are given basic technology exercises and so-called. For the “old” the same exercises, with a slightly more demanding structure.

Tapdance semi-beginners 2:

The lesson is designed for those who master the basics of the steppe, and the lesson is harder and more challenging than the beginners.

Tapdance semi-advanced 3:

During the class, the student will master the basic strokes and steps of the step and will also be able to work on them independently. At least 1-2 years of active tapping. Time-steps and routines become more familiar and the share of improvisation in the course of an hour is also increased.

Tapdance advanced 5:

The class is demanding. The chores that are made during the lesson are designed to maintain / develop speed and technical reliability. The student already knows the history of the tapdance and even the different time-step patterns are smooth. During the lesson, different dance series are performed and volume / “tone” exercises, without forgetting improvisation, also to give extra kick to the content.

Tapdance semi-advanced & advanced 4/5 choreography class:

Choreographies made for our most active steppers. The hour is full of dance in the swirls of music and the hour is technically challenging.

Bodydrumming open level:

Bodydrumming is a series of motion & dance sequences where the rhythm is structured by hand strokes and foot strokes. The sense of rhythm and co-ordination improve tremendously during your studies, and so does your muscular fitness. The atmosphere during the class is relaxed and supportive. The lesson does not require any previous dance experience.

Modern/contemporary beginners & semi-beginners 1 & 2:

During the class you will learn the basic techniques of dance.
The class is not based on any particular style of modern / contemporary dance. The lesson includes various roller and weight training exercises, floor sets, and improvisation exercises. Mid-body assembly & release exercises strengthen the mid-body and its mobility. The different volumes of the shops and the use of space become familiar. The lesson is quite physical and thus also improves oxygen uptake. The lesson is a versatile one that develops movement and breathability. I recommend!

Modern/contemporary semi-beginners / semi-advanced 3:

During the class the student will master basic dance techniques and basic 1 & 2 exercises. The student is ok with the movement and expression of it’s own body.
As the class progresses, various rehearsals and choreographed pieces of space move along, and the diverse and colorful world of dance is strongly present.

Modern/contemporary semi-advanced 4/5:

The student is more confident in the above exercises and is also expressively confident and strong.

Move & dance:

Moving jazz dance class. Students participating in the class should warm up their muscles beforehand (buttocks, thighs, groin …). The lesson teaches a choreography that is worked in all “directions”. The series is danced to the right as well as to the left, starting with. The Move & Dance class develops dance and movement, and of course, oxygen uptake. Capture speed, muscle fitness and endurance are guaranteed to improve. Mobility, softness, speed and Explosiveness are the appropriate terms for describing an hour. Guaranteed sweating class!
During the class, the student should master the basic techniques of jazz dance to make moving in fast-paced sets easier and safer. The choreos change every hour, and the dancer can, according to his or her level, “take the liberty of interpretation.”

Move & dance ”Lyrical” 3/5:

The lesson is the most expressive of the Studio’s move & dance classes and also includes Modern / Contemporary Dance and Contemporary.

Move & dance ”Funky”:

An hour with challenging details and show elements. Body isolation and looseness very present.

Dance Fysio:

Dance Fysio -class is designed to support dance as well as counterbalance the sport. The lesson strengthens the body as well as dance-specific areas such as opening and body alignment. Exercise strengthens the body and reduces discomfort. Also, an hour of rehabilitation for existing problems is very well suited.

During the lesson you will practice body control, strength and movement. At times, there is a calmer pace, with more emphasis on opening movement and body care. However, practicing one hour is always holistic and often quite sweaty! The hour is perfect for all dance enthusiasts, welcome! The lesson is taught by physiotherapist Anni Laitinen (Dance Fysio.

Stretching open level:

The class is held once a month to compensate for absences. The lesson focuses on improving body stretch, balance, alignment, and posture. During the lesson, relaxation is done in a relaxed and versatile way, stretching evenly throughout the body, sometimes in space or stretching the bar, but also traditionally on the floor. It is important that everyone listens in peace to their own body during stretching and thus develops their own well-being. Remember, you don’t have to be agile to participate in this lesson! 🙂 The lesson is good for example, for 3-4 year old and 5-6 year old parents to compensate their children for their absence. Welcome! 🙂

Technique/ballet bar  -class 1 & 2:

The lesson focuses mainly on the ballet bar and working on the middle floor. The lesson focuses on pelvis posture and machining; Technique / ballet bar -class 1 is suitable for dancers whose dance technique is not yet solid. Technique / bar pole -class 2 is a powerful lesson for the most active students who are already proficient in basic technique.

Production class:

Choreography lesson for upcoming productions / shows. Students are invited to this class individually according to choreography needs. The hour is not charged.

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