Tanssistudio Marjo Terästö is a dance school founded in 2003 in Tampere. The dance studio offers everyone who is interested in dancing and exercise a good and varied hobby. Doors are open to children and adults from beginners to advanced.

The atmosphere at the Tanssistudio is cozy, cheerful and supportive. Supported by professional education, the student has the opportunity, if they wish, to advance in the sport they are engaged in and to pursue further education in the field.

Tanssistudio Marjo Terästö has been approved to provide basic art education and Tanssistudio has been included in basic education since its first days. The latest curriculum for the general dance curriculum was approved in the summer of 2018, according to which new students started their studies in autumn 2018. The main types of basic education are jazz dance and tap dance. As for side/advanced training Tanssistudio has modern & contemporary dance and move & dance classes.

For dancing activities for young children Tanssistudio offers a range of early-stage children’s dance classes for 3-4yrs and 5-6yrs olds on Saturdays.

A student who is committed to train in Tanssistudio on a regular basis / is training in a competition group / is attending shows is Tanssistudio’s special education team -member. The special education group will be given more performance and competition opportunities during their dance studies.

Tanssistudio Marjo Terästö, located on the edge of Tammelantori, is warmly welcoming all dance lovers to Tanssistudio! <3

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