PRICE LIST 2020-2021:


30min. class:
1 x / wk = 44e

45min. classes:
1x / wk 48.75e
2x / wk + 31.85e
3x / wk + 22.15e
4x / wk + 15.15e
5x / wk + 15.15e

60min. classes:
1x / wk 56.45e
2x / wk + 34.25e
3x / wk + 21.55e
4x / wk + 15.65e
5x / wk + 15.65e
6x / wk + 15.65e

75min. classes:
1x / wk 62.10e
2x / wk + 39.65e
3x / wk + 27.05e
4x / wk + 22.95e
5x / wk + 11.55e
6x / wk + 11.55e

90min. classes:
1x / wk 67.75e
2x / wk + 45.15e
3x / wk + 32.35e
4x / wk + 21.00e

Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation, it is possible that new restrictions may occur and because of that Tanssistudio’s classroom teaching might be changed back to online teaching. 

If student is not willing to study in the possible online teaching period, it is more profitable to choose the monthly payment method or the 10 x card payment method. 


  • When you train once a week, for example a 45min hour, the monthly fee is 48.75e.
  • When you train for example 2 x 60min and you are a student, the monthly fee is calculated as follows:
    56.45e + 34.25e = 90.70e
    90.70-10% (student discount) = 81,63e
  • When selecting hours of different lengths, prices are always calculated based on the duration of the hour, starting from the LOWEST hour.

There are clear monthly charges for billing:

AUTUMN SEASON: August 3 weeks, September 4 weeks, October 4 weeks, November 4 weeks & December 3 weeks = 18 study weeks.

SPRING SEASON: January 4th, February 3th, March 4th, April 4th & May 4th = 19 study weeks.

In terms of training days, the months are of varying lengths and the weekly hours are unevenly distributed. This will take advantage of the “extra training days” of longer months and divide them up into the months remaining in the so-called “extra days”. short. This keeps your training period and billing as clear as possible.
HOX! A student with less than one training session (eg start later / end earlier) will work with Marjo for hours and billing. 🙂

The invoice will be emailed to the email address you provided on the registration form. You can also get a bank transfer form from the studio if needed. The invoice fee for a postal invoice is 3e. The student should send / show a receipt for the payment made to Marjo.

Monthly payments:
24th day of each month. Payment reminder 5e.

Tuition fees:
1st installment 24.8.
2nd installment 24.9.

1st installment 24.1.
2nd installment 24.2.

In tuition fees, the monthly fees are combined and a -10% discount on the total amount.
The tuition fee may be paid in two installments when enrollment has taken place before the first due date. Otherwise, the tuition fee will be paid in one installment. Tuition fee is the cheapest form of payment.


  • Student discount -10% (third level studies). By displaying a student card.
  • Family / sister discount -10%. Applies to people living in the same household & regularly (at least 1 month) for studio coaching:
    1. Student at normal price
    2. Student -10%
    3. Student -10%
  • Family / sister discount is given starting from the smallest bills.

10 x CARD:

  • The card is personal.
  • No discounts.
  • Payment period 1 week. After making the payment, the student receives a card from Marjo.

Validity until the end of that academic year.

10 x 30min = 140e
10 x 40min = 150e
10 x 60min = 161.30e
10 x 75min = 172.40e
10 x 90min = 183.55e

  • Professional 10x Card (Member of the Dance / Theater Professionals Association) = 95e
    The Pro 10 x card is valid for as long as there are visits.


  • No discounts.
  • Pay in cash immediately at Studio or via email invoice. Payment within the same day.

1 x 45min one time payment = 17e
1 x 60min one time payment = 18e
1 x 75min one time payment = 19e
1 x 90min one time payment = 20e