Marjo Terästö is primarily responsible for the activities and teaching of the dance studio. In addition to Marjo, daughters Anni and Laura Laitinen are actively involved in the business.

Marjo Terästö

Tampere-based pedagogue, choreographer and entrepreneur with solid experience as a performer as well as a teacher and a choreographer in dance and theater. Marjo is raised by … “Tanssiin kutsu” … Elwa Molin. Pedagogist STTL 1995. Jazz dance, tap dance and bodydrumming are Marjo’s special competences and through them also the history of jazz dance. Advanced studies in dance have been done mainly in England and USA, but many thanks also to Kuopio, Karelia and Helsinki!
Partners include actors, professional dancers, circus professionals, musicians, several dance schools also outside of Tampere. The longest-standing partners over the years can be found in the Sorin Sirkus in Tampere, the Liisa Nojonen Tanssikoulu in Pori, and the Secondary Dancer Training Program at the Conservatory in Tampere. Behind the co-operation with the Tampereen työväen teatteri Billy-Elliot Musical and the Billy School inside.
Over the years, Marjo has organized many dance shows in Tampere, both for his own dance school and in co-operation with other dance schools.
Marjo has a group of Tanssistudio Marjo Terästö’s most advanced students, the It’s All In Jazz -production group, which has been operating since 2011. Marjo is the founder of the It’s All In Jazz -jazz dance event and a president of the It’s All In Jazz ry.

Anni Laitinen

Anni Laitinen, the eldest daughter, is actively involved in the studio and is a member of the Tanssistudio’s It’s All In Jazz -production group.
Anni works as a physiotherapist by the name of Dance Fysio and receives clients from various backgrounds, mainly dancers of different ages. Anni has also held many different workshops and is actively training. She has a dance background from ballet, jazz, tap-dance and contemporary dance from childhood. With Laura, Anni is responsible for special education groups for children and teens, alongside choreographer Marjo. She is a board member of the It’s All In Jazz ry and is responsible for the physical therapy side of the It’s All In Jazz -jazz dance event.

Laura Laitinen

Marjo’s younger daughter, Laura Laitinen, is also actively involved in Tanssistudio. Laura has been dancing from the age of 3 to the present day, performing in jazz, tap-dance and modern / contemporary dance. Laura is also a member of the It’s All In Jazz -production group
At the studio, Laura is involved in children’s (3-12 years) activities and she and Anni are responsible of the special education groups for children and teens, along with choreographer Marjo. Also, dance show costumes and production arrangements are part of Laura’s job description.
Laura is studying cultural management at the Humak University of Applied Sciences and is the event coordinator / secretary of the It’s All In Jazz -event. Laura is a board member of the It’s All In Jazz ry.

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