• Due to the COVID-19 virus-situation and the instructions from the Finnish government and THL, Tanssistudio is closed starting on Monday 16th of March. We’ll observe the situation daily and inform all the students about the continuance of Tanssistudio’s activities. We’ll send more info to Tanssistudio’s students and their parents on Monday 16th.
  • Tanssistudio’s L3 competition groups trip to Oulu’s Arktiset Askeleet is cancelled for this spring. The competition is held next autumn 10.-13.9.2020. More info is sent to the parent’s of the competition group’s students. Due to the cancellation of the trip, classes are held normally on 28th of March. Also the double classes planned to the Saturday 21st of March are cancelled, so normal classes are held on Saturday 21st.
  • Tanssistudio’s It’s All In Jazz -production groups show “It’s All in Jazz 7” is cancelled due to the virus situation. The show is held during next autumn 2020. More info later.
  • March’s stretching is held on Saturday 21st at 1:30pm – welcome!
  • Join us and fill the registration form shown on the right side of this website. Registrations made in the autumn semester will automatically continue to the spring semester. However if you want to change your classes, please contact Marjo. We warmly welcome you to Tanssistudio Marjo Terästö! <3