Hello everyone!
Now when the virus situation is growing here in Pirkanmaa, it is extremely important that all the students and parents who visit Tanssistudio, are healthy. A person who has any kind of virus- or flu symptoms is not allowed to enter Tanssistudio. 

  • A thorough hand wash and disinfection always before and after class. 
  • Students can wear masks on classes. We recommend for everyone to consider wearing a mask to dance class. 
  • We also recommend that all the parents who take their children to dance class will wear a mask during their stay at Tanssistudio. 
We hope everyone realises the importance of this matter and takes this situation seriously. We have done a great job, so let’s not stop now! 


  • Stretching on Friday 30.10. at 20:15 – welcome!

  • Due to the on going virus situation, Tanssistudio is not accepting new students for now. Hopefully the situation normalizes soon! 
  • Tanssistudio’s It’s All In Jazz -production group’s show “It’s All in Jazz 7” will be held on Saturday 7.11.2020 at Hällä-näyttämö! We are actively following the virus situation and we’ll update more info about the show later.